I am thankful and grateful to the Smith family for allowing my team and I to cover the advance movie screening of Che 'Rhymefest' Smith’s documentary In My Father’s House. The screening was held at the Music Box Theatre a premiere venue in Chicago for independent and foreign films. The invite only event started off with red carpet photos and interviews. In attendance were various media outlets,  a few Chicago movers & shakers, television personality Judge Mathis and Oscar & Golden Globe winner Common. Filmmakers Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern graced the carpet and joined a panel discussion following the film. The stars of the film Rhymefest, Donnie Smith and Brian Tillman were also in the building greeting and meeting attendees. Laughter, clapping and sighing could be heard at any giving moment throughout the viewing of the heartwrenching film. I don’t want to give any of the movie away so I’ll stop there, but what I will say, is that this is a MUST see film. This documentary goes beyond gender, race, social status, and family structure. Rhymefest, Donnie and Brian allow you to see them at their most venerable and what would seem embarrassing moments in their journey to not only getting to know each other but themselves. This film hits theaters Friday October 9th. Go see it and tweet us @TeamAINIOM your thoughts, ticket stubs, movie posters etc. Join us in supporting this wonderful film!