Reason 1: The Truth
The first reason you should see “In My Father’s House” is because in hip-hop, nobody tells the whole truth. It’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s not something designed just to be like, ‘Look, Chicago, it’s all about guns! We’re Chiraq, it’s all about guns!’ Our story is all about overcoming the haters. This film is real hip-hop because it exposes the frauds and even the artists. That’s one reason.

Reason 2: The Comparisons
The second reason everybody should go see this film because it has a little bit of everybody’s life in it. When you see “In My Father’s House,” you’re going to see things that you’re going through. This film is very powerful and it starts the healing for everybody. So things you’re going through in your life and you’ve been through, or questions about, you’re going to see a little bit of you in this. That’s number two.

Reason 3: The G.O.O.D. Story
The third reason is because you see the rise, fall and resurgence of a rapper. I’ve got a Grammy but I also got an Oscar now. This film documents the life of hip-hop and how in hip-hop you have wins, fails but you ultimately, to be a champion, you have to get up and keep fighting. You gotta embrace struggle. To break it all down, the third reason is because if you’re interested in music, this film is going to show you about perseverance.

Reason 4: The Origins
What’s going to attract a lot of people to the story is it talks about the origins of me and Kanye West and our crew. This film documents the origins of a sound right now that’s a sound of hip-hop. When you listen to J. Cole, when you listen to Big Sean and Drake, you’re hearing the origins of what me and Kanye created. So you get to really go in-depth into the story behind it.

Reason 5: The Support
Last but not least, people should go see this movie because we have to support each other in hip-hop, no matter what it is. This is something different. This is not just me saying I’m going to make a fictitious movie about whatever. This is an artist’s real story. This is a documentary on the art and we have to support that as much as we support N.W.A. It’s nothing against that type of stuff but what I’m saying is we have to support hip-hop in all of its forms, whether it’s me running for office, me doing a documentary, things that are different in hip-hop, we gotta all surround it and love it. That’s what creates community.