September 29th, 2015

October sees the release of a number of women-centric films. The highly anticipated release of "Suffragette," directed by Sarah Gavron and written by Abi Morgan -- a partnership that first stemmed from their 2007 film "Brick Lane" -- comprises a stellar cast, including Meryl Streep (as Emmeline Pankhurst), Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne-Marie Duff. The film, which is based on the early 20th-century fight for women's suffrage in Britain, speaks volumes to the ongoing struggle for the emancipation of women across the world today. As such, it is both encouraging and exciting that the film is receiving such recognition. Conversations about the sexist exclusion of women within the film industry (Hollywood, we're looking at you) are making waves, and it's down to female filmmakers and feminists alike, who are persistently producing inspiring works to challenge the status quo. 


In My Father’s House (Documentary) - Directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg

This film explores identity and legacy in the African-American family, as Grammy award-winning rapper Che 'Rhymefest' Smith and his long-lost father reconnect and try to build a new future in Chicago's turbulent South Side. Himself a child of a broken home, Che hasn't seen his father in over 20 years, and presumes him dead. But after buying his father's childhood home, Che sets out to find him, and learns that he is now a homeless, alcoholic living only several blocks away.