By ANITA GATES    SEPT. 9, 2015

OCT. 9

BIG STONE GAP Ashley Judd stars in Adriana Trigiani’s film based on her book about her country roots in Virginia. Ms. Judd plays a self-sufficient spinster who is thrown by the discovery of a family secret. With Patrick Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg and John Benjamin Hickey.

BREAKING THROUGH John Swetnam wrote and directed this dance drama about a young performer (Sophia Aguiar) who is discovered on YouTube and has trouble dealing with her celebrity.

CUT SNAKE In 1970s Melbourne, Australia, an ex-con (Alex Russell) tries to start a new life, but when his old cellmate (Sullivan Stapleton) turns up, he feels himself drawn back to the bad old days. A psychological crime thriller directed by Tony Ayres.

DUKHTAR (DAUGHTER) A serious feminist road movie from Pakistan. Afia Nathaniel wrote and directed this drama about a young mother (Samiya Mumtaz) who kidnaps her 10-year-old daughter (Saleha Aref) to save her from being forced into a child marriage. The family of the girl’s father and the prospective bridegroom’s henchmen set out to hunt them down.

THE FINAL GIRLS A mother-daughter horror comedy. A young woman loves her dead mother (who was a Hollywood scream queen in the 1980s) so much that she magically mourns her way right into Mom’s most famous movie. Nice to be reunited, but now the film’s machete-wielding killer is after both of them. Taissa Farmiga, Nina Dobrev and Malin Akerman star. Todd Strauss-Schulson directed.

IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE A father-and-son reunion on Chicago’s South Side. Che Smith, known as Rhymefest, was a co-writer of “Glory,” the Oscar-winning song from “Selma.” He hadn’t seen his father in 25 years when he bought his childhood home and went looking for him. Mr. Smith found him spending his days nearby, alcoholic and homeless. Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg directed this documentary.

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 3 Sarah Butler returns (from the 2010 remake, not the 1978 original or the 2013 sequel) as Jennifer, a novelist who was gang raped at her country cabin and got serious about revenge. In this new horror thriller, she has a new identity in a new city but finds herself again going after violent criminals, doing what the system won’t or can’t. R. D. Braunstein directed this horror thriller.

KNOCK KNOCK Keanu Reeves as a faithful family man left alone for the weekend in this sexy thriller. Two stranded young women knock on his door, asking for help, and what’s a guy to do when they’re all wet from the rain and have bare midriffs? Eli Roth directed. Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas play the seducers.

MASTERMINDS An armored-vehicle heist that goes right ($17 million right!) until the perpetrators practically beg to be caught. Zach Galifianakis plays a security guard, Kristen Wiig his work crush, Owen Wilson a particularly stupid criminal and Jason Sudeikis a hit man. From Jared Hess, who directed “Napoleon Dynamite.”

PAN How did Peter Pan get to Neverland to begin with? Hugh Jackman, starring as the pirate Blackbeard, will show us. This fantasy, directed by Joe Wright, who brought period elegance to “Atonement” and “Pride & Prejudice,” offers itself up as the back story to J. M. Barrie’s 1904 classic children’s story. Garrett Hedlund is Captain Hook, Rooney Mara is Tiger Lily, and Levi Miller is Peter.

THE PRIME MINISTERS: SOLDIERS AND PEACEMAKERS Two Israeli leaders during the years of wars, treaties, Camp David and Entebbe. Michael Douglas provides the voice of Yitzhak Rabin, and Christoph Waltz is the voice of Menachem Begin in this documentary by Richard Trank. Based on the experiences of Ambassador Yehuda Avner, who worked for both prime ministers.

REVERSION Jewelry as a recreational drug. In this sci-fi thriller from Jose Nestor Marquez, an ear adornment lets wearers experience the most glorious moments of their lives, as if they were happening for the first time. Aja Naomi King and Colm Feore play daughter and father; he invented the thing, and she plans to market it. Then there’s a kidnapping.

SHORT SKIN An anatomically explicit Italian sex comedy about a 17-year-old boy who has phimosis, a foreskin disorder. He had been planning to lose his virginity. Directed by Duccio Chiarini.

STEVE JOBS This is a behind-the-scenes drama directed by Danny Boyle (“Slumdog Millionaire”) and written by Aaron Sorkin (“The Social Network”). Michael Fassbender stars as Jobs, masterminding major product introductions. With Seth Rogen (as Steve Wozniak), Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Katherine Waterston.

TRASH In Stephen Daldry’s film, set in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, two poor boys find a wallet in the trash and figure that if the police want to give them a reward, it must be really, really valuable. Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara play American missionaries.

A WOMAN LIKE ME Everybody deals with cancer differently. When the Brooklyn filmmaker Alex Sichel learned she was terminally ill (metastatic breast cancer) in 2011, she started a video diary and invented an alter ego, a cheerful soul named Anna Seashell. When this documentary-narrative hybrid was at South by Southwest, Ms. Sichel (who died in 2014) and Elizabeth Giamatti won a special jury prize for directing. The relentlessly underrated Lili Taylor plays Anna Seashell.

VICTORIA From Germany, a crime thriller — done in one long take — about a young Spanish woman’s evening at a Berlin club. After partying, she finds herself driving the getaway car while her new guy pals rob a bank. Laia Costa stars. Directed by Sebastian Schipper.

YAKUZA APOCALYPSE He’s a martial-arts master. He’s a vampire. He says no to some really bad guys from a foreign syndicate and is torn limb from limb. But he passes on his powers to a young protégé with sensitive skin (he can’t even be tattooed), and a revenge plot seems inevitable. An action horror comedy thriller directed by Takashi Miike.

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